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The School of Management Science and Engineering (SMSE) was founded in 2011 when Shandong University of Finance and Economic (SDUFE) was preparing to construct by merging Shandong University of Economic (SDUE) with Shandong University of Finance (SDUF). With its origin dating back to the discipline of economic information management built by the School of Information Management in SDUE in 1989, and which was the earlier discipline built to meet the expanding needs of the community as well as the needs of the professional development in China. This discipline offered an enrollment for undergraduate program in 1990, and then which was enlarged to Department of Computer Management in 1993 and renamed to School of Information Management in 2003 again. Through consolidating some related subjects in School of Information Management in SDUE, School of Computer and Information Engineering in SDUF, Schools of Business Management in SDUF and SDUE, SMSE was formally built in November 2011.


SMSE offers six undergraduate programs—Information Management and Information System(including Software Service Outsourcing), Electronic Commerce, Logistics Management, Engineering Management, Project Management, Management Science, and three master programs—Management Science and Engineering, Master of Logistics Management, Master of Project Management, and one primary discipline doctoral program—Management Science and Engineering. Currently, SMSE has an enrollment of over 2065 undergraduates and graduates candidates and consists of seven departments and one center: Department of Information Management and Information System, Department of Logistics Engineering, Department of Engineering Management, Department of Electronic Commerce, Department of Management Science, Department of Computer Applications, Department of Network and Information Security, and Teaching Experiment Center.


SMSE has a rich experience and high-level team in teaching and research areas, and It has 94 faculty members, including 16 full professors, 53 associate professors, with 7 teachers serving as Ph.D. Supervisor, and 48 teachers holding a Ph.D. degree, 43 teachers holding a Master degree (Among them, 8 teachers are pursuing Ph.D. degree); 30 teachers have experiences as the international visiting scholar. Among them, one teacher currently enjoys special allowance of the State Council, 3 teachers are the National Excellent Teachers, 2 teachers serve as young experts with outstanding contributions of Shandong province, SMSE also has 1 Chief expert of Shandong provincial key disciplines, 2 specialist of high level talents pools in Shandong Province and 2 professional and technical talents in Jinan city. In addition, SMSE employs 13 Distinguished Professor, guest professors and part time professor from Shandong province economic and information Committee, and Shandong province quality technology supervision Council, and Shandong University, and Shandong province Computing Center, and Inspur, etc.


SMSE has made a tremendous progress in the development of its disciplines. In 1995, Economic Information Management” was approved as the “ninth-five” key discipline of Shandong, In 2001, “Information Management and Information System” was approved as the “tenth-five” key discipline of Shandong. “Management Science and Engineering” was approved the “eleventh-five” key discipline of Shandong in 2006 and the “twelfth-five” feature key discipline in 2011 And then, it was authorized for Ph. D. level discipline in 2013.

SMSE has set up the platform for better academic communication. Through which, several teachers have cooperated with some domestic and foreign scholars. In 2010, SMSE hosted the fifth seminar on National “Emergency Management-theory and practice” and the third international academic seminar on “Crisis and Emergency Management” between China and South Korea. In 2011, SMSE hosted the academic salon about “A New Economic Model in Information Age” and co-organized the first high-level forum on logistics between China and South Korea. In 2013, it hosted the seminar on professional and disciplinary construction of Information Management and Information System in the context of big data”. In 2014, it hosted the first national forum on “Wise Pensions and Health Care”.


SMSE has acquired rich achievements in scientific research. In recent years, the faculty has published more than 300 high-level research papers, undertaken more than 50 projects, earned some rewards of science technology progress, social science, undergraduate and graduate education at provincial level in Shandong. In 2012, the team of information management and electronic commerce was firstly awarded as innovation team at provincial levels.


SMSE takes part in social service actively. There are some social service platforms, including two provincial engineering technology research centers and one provincial software engineering center. In 2009, SMSE hosted the training projects for information technology service outsourcing management and technology in developing countries. In 2010, SMSE and Shandong computing center worked together to build one center to serve for promoting the integration of informationization and industrialization in Shandong. From 2010 to 2014, SMSE has held training of computer skills 21 times for some auditors in Shandong.

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