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Education Philosophy

Establish our School by teaching

Strengthen our School by scientific research

Manage our School by rules and regulations

Prosper our School by the culture


Education Principles

Take students as our center

Seek continuity through our quality

Create success with our characteristics

Expect durability by our innovation


Education Missions

Adhering to the guiding principle of socialism, we take moral education as thebasictask,and talent cultivationas the core. With education innovation as the driving force, we give priority to discipline development and academic teamconstruction. We actively carry out our work inteaching, scientific research, social services  as well as passing on the cultural heritage, sticking to the education characteristics of broad applicability,solid foundation, high quality and practice orientation. We strive to develop the discipline of Management Science and Engineering of characteristics on the leading edge, and produce high-level versatile talent sofinnovation  and entrepreneurial capacity for economic and social development.

School Motto

Moral excellence, extensive study, consistent innovation, and self-improvement

Moral excellence

According to Book of Changes,as earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentleman should hold the outer world with broad mind. And Spring and Autumn Annalssaid:I heard that a man of great virtues is blessed, and  he can also hurt himself without them.

Our ancestors told us that we should be broad-minded, not attach importance to personal gains and losses,  and give priority to the public rather than the private.

Extensive study

Book of Rites said: One shouldstudy extensively, enquire accurately, reflect carefully, discriminate       clearly, and practice earnestly.We should study extensively, learn from others andthen can be knowledgeable.

Consistent innovation

Innovation drives a country or a nation to become prosperous, and boosts the development of human society. It is the soul of an enterprise, government department or an individual's existence and development as well.   Strengthening the cultivation of the innovation spirit of university students is an urgent need for the great  cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, a fundamental strategy of the new scientific and technological revolution. It is an external requirement to realize their own values, and the only way to realize the Chinese dream.


The Songs of Chu said: Turn my resentment into strength.

Self-improvement is a virtue, a necessary quality for a person to live with dignity and values, and an     internal power for a person to grow up healthily, study hard and pursue a career.

Moral excellence, extensive study, consistent innovation, and self-improvement, which is necessary for the growth of university students, covers our education missions and we take it as the School motto.

School Spirit

Mildness, progress, and willingness to share 


According to Spring and Autumn Annals,living in a harmonious school, teachers and students are broad-minded, cooperative, and devoted to research and study without arrogance or impatience.


The Analects of Confucius said:Without anyone who really believes in the Doctrine of Mean accompanied, I have to cooperate with aggressive people. Some of them strive to make progress, while others never try their best. We should work hard and be determined to succeed. We aim to take students as our center, seek continuity through our quality,create success with our characteristics, and expect durability by our innovation. 

Willingness to share

We should respect teachers and value education, be dedicated to work and love life, and create a community of shared future in the School. In the process of helping students grow into talents and fulfill their potential, our teachers should be committed to build a dynamic school that is respected and trusted by students and the society.


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